In order to become Python developer, the first step is to learn how to install or update Python on a local machine or computer. In this tutorial, we will discuss the installation of Python on various operating systems.

Installation on Windows

Visit the link to download the latest release of Python. In this process, we will install Python 3.8.6 on our Windows operating system. When we click on the above link, it will bring us the following page.

Step - 1: Select the Python's version to download.

Click on the download button.

Python Environment Set-up

Step - 2: Click on the Install Now

Double-click the executable file, which is downloaded; the following window will open. Select Customize installation and proceed. Click on the Add Path check box, it will set the Python path automatically.

Python Environment Set-up

We can also click on the customize installation to choose desired location and features. Other important thing is install launcher for the all user must be checked.

Step - 3 Installation in Process

Python Environment Set-up

Now, try to run python on the command prompt. Type the command python -version in case of python3.

Python Environment Set-up

We are ready to work with the Python.

Installation on Mac

To install python3 on MacOS

Installation on CentOS

To install Python3 on CentOS

Installation on Ubuntu

To install Python3 on Ubuntu,

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